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Cape Town Book Fair: First Day

The Cape Town Book Fair - as anyone who vistited it today will agree - is already a ravishing success, at just one day old. By 11am, the CTICC had resorted to overflow parking - I found space only several minutes’ walk away from the complex - and nearly every Book Fair event has been oversubscribed, judging by anecdotal evidence.

My first day: a marvellous, moving poetry reading with Ingrid de Kok, Antjie Krog and Jeremy Cronin (moderated by Gus Ferguson); many visits to the splendid Jacana booth, where The New Suffolk Hymnbook is being released; a seminar on the universe of online book information with Google; and much hobnobbing besides.

I’ve posted a first-day photo gallery on Flickr; here’s the link: Cape Town Book Fair Photos. This shot of Alexander McCall Smith and a happy reader is fairly representative:

Alexander McCall Smith
…signing books at the Cape Town Book Fair

  • To borrow from the signage of Johnny Carson, more to come…
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Cape Town Book Fair: Links

A few links for the Cape Town Book Fair, where The New Suffolk Hymnbook will be launched:

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The New Suffolk Hymnbook: Launch Date & Time

The New Suffolk Hymnbook will be launched at the Cape Town International Book Fair, CTICC, on Monday, 19 June, 5h30 for 6pm.

Maggie Davey (Jacana), Gus Ferguson (Snail Press) and Ingrid de Kok will be speaking at the launch.

All welcome - please rsvp to caroline@jacana.co.za if you’d like to attend.

Any schedule changes will be noted in this post - check back from time to time.

- b.

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